How to tackle RC Questions in SSC CGL English Section

                                  How to tackle RC Questions in SSC CGL English Section

Staff Selection Commission conducts Combined Graduate level exam every year for Group B and Group C posts of various government departments. There are four tiers in this exam, including Tier 1-Preliminary, Tier 2- Mains, Tier 3- Descriptive and Tier 4- Skill test. There are mainly four sections in this exam. Every section carry equal weightage in preliminary phase and there are only two sections in mains exam. Two sections are very crucial for selection, which are Mathematics and English. Since English section is very vital for selection, every topic of it must be mastered before exam. Through this article we will be sharing strategy to tackle Reading Comprehension questions of English section.

The Reading Comprehension topic in SSC CGL exam is asked to check the knowledge and comprehension skills of an individual. The candidates must know the basics of Reading Comprehension in order to solve them effectively in exam. There are three main skills to crack this topic:-

  • Reading fast and effectively
  • Strong vocabulary base
  • Understanding Context quickly

These qualities can be developed with a lot of practice. While you attempt any Reading Comprehension focus on the following building blocks of passage:-

  • The Point
  • Background
  • Support
  • Implications

The point: – Go through complete passage quickly and try to find the main point discussed in the passage. The main point can be found in the starting lines or you may be required to read the complete passage. In most cases, you will find it in the first few or last few lines of passage.

The background: – There will be twisted lines and vocabulary, which will help to reveal the main point of the passage. The information can be spread across the passage or at certain area of passage.

Support: – It is basically the additional information, which the author provides, usually in the form of examples or evidence, so as in order to support the main point that has been made.

Implications: – These are the after effects of the main point. The twisted questions are asked on implications, therefore be extra cautious while reading implications.

The questions asked on Reading Comprehension in exam can be categorized for a systematic approach to attempt questions with good accuracy:-

Questions based on main Idea: – These types of questions are very frequent and easy to crack. The main concern or purpose may be asked. Also, the most appropriate title for the given passage can be asked.

The tone of author: – It describes the attitude of author toward main idea discussed. The author may raise a concern, drawbacks of a system, description, or points to improve existing system. The tone can be judged in skim reading of passage.

Questions based on specific facts: – These are the questions that ask you to spot information that is specifically included as a fact or truth. Be specific in such questions as there may be confusing options which includes changed facts and figures.

Implied questions: – In these types of questions, you need to identify the idea, which may be suggested or implied (directly or indirectly) in the passage. Students are often confused while solving such questions and the conclusions may vary from student to student, depending upon how they perceive or understand the given passage.

Structural Questions: – Structural questions test how well the readers can identify the writing style or the technique used by the author in the passage to present his/her ideas. Regular practice is the only way to master questions of this type. In SSC CGL 2018 exam, the students may be asked questions related to the complete passage structure or few lines of the same.

Extrapolation Questions: – In such questions the candidates are required to extrapolate or compare the author’s ideas to other situations, including situations that are analogous. To solve questions of this type, readers need to understand beyond just the content of the passage. They need to draw inference from the given passage and then compare it with the given question of the RC.

Negative questions: – In such questions the candidates are required to identify options which are not true as per information given in passage, or the options may be asked for which author do not agree.

Contextual or Definition of a term based Questions: – These types of questions are vocabulary based. The candidates can answer such questions even without knowing exact mining of the word, with the help of context of passage.

These questions can be cracked with a systematic approach to reading comprehension. Keeping in mind these tips, the candidates should follow the following strategy to solve Reading Comprehension questions:-

Step 1:- Read passage quickly, it helps you in getting idea of passage. Don’t read word by word instead read between the words and quickly finish the passage. Try to remember location of man facts and figures of passage. Don’t try to remember all facts and figures to solve questions as it consumes a lot of time and you may end up in confusion.

Step 2:- Read questions one by one and try to locate the lines where answer can be hidden. In first attempt solve easy questions and Give a second reading to that portion of the passage and answer questions carefully.

Step 3:- Now attempt moderate and difficult questions for that try one quicker read to analyze facts and figures quickly. The questions may seem to be difficult in first round but with the help of systematic approach, by focusing on main area. The candidates can solve tough questions also with ease and less time.

The candidates are advised to keep above points in mind while attempting questions based on reading comprehension. The ultimate key to success in reading comprehension is practice and practice till you feel comfortable with difficult questions. Try to develop habit of reading news articles and other contents from good source to increase your reading skills and interest in reading.

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